1. What are RTE and RTC food products?

    RTE and RTC are abbreviations (short form) for "Ready To Eat" and "Ready To Cook" products.

    RTE 8 RTC are products that are Sterilized using advanced, high-quality Retorting Technology.

  2. What is Retorting Technology?

    Retorting Technology is a Sterilization method in which all microorganisms, which may be present in the food is Completely destroyed at high temperature and pressure. This process makes the food product absolutely Safe, free from Spoilage and retains the freshness till Opened.

  3. Do Retorted foods/ Sterilised foods contain added chemicals or preservatives?

    NO. Food products that are Sterilised using Retorting Technology do not contain any added preservatives or chemicals. The freshness and quality of the food product is maintained by killing the micro-Organisms through high quality Sterilization or Retorting.

  4. Can Retorting Technology be used for all kinds of food products?

    Almost all kinds of food products can be retorted or Sterilized using Retorting Technology. The high-quality SteriliZation buy which all micro-Organisms are eliminated enables longer Shelf life than fresh food as the Contents in the package are Stored Safely from micro-Organisms that causes food Spoilage.

  5. Are micro-organisms responsible for food spoilage?

    Micro-Organisms like fungi and bacteria CauSe food Spoilage. They grow rapidly in the food product, making it unfit for human Consumption.

  6. Are Retorted Food products approved in India?

    Yes. Food productS Sterilized and packed using Retorting Technology are approved and used widely not just in India, but Worldwide. This Technology is of great benefit to the Military and other Defence Forces, as the food products can be Safely stored, transported and Consumed without any harm.

  7. What precautions/care needs to be taken while using Retorted Food products?

    Retorted food products need to be only heated before eating. However, it should not be consumed in Case the package is bloated, puffed, leaked or tampered as this indicates the food product is Spoilt.

  8. Are these products certified?

    Yes. These products are APEDA, ISO 22000:2005, FSSA (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and HALAL Certified.