We've all heard the Old Sayings "Health Is Wealth" and "You Are What You Eat." And it's still true. Even in Our busy life Schedule, if We Stick to a healthy diet, which is full of minerals and Vitamins, Our body reflects it. We feel healthy, energized, and just all-around great. However, people who limit their diet to junk foods Will undoubtedly suffer the Consequences of not giving their bodies What they need to thrive. The result is not only fatigue and low energy, but poor health as Well. Understanding this clear Connection between our health and Our diet, it may spur US to make better dietary choices.

That's Why, With the "Make in India" Vision, this project is proposed for the Creation of bottom level healthy opportunity for the Common man of India. Under the roof of Food Island and With the brand name of "MAD". We Would like to introduce Some Premium Healthy Ready-to-Eat and Ready-to-Cook products. With all other goodstuff.

Our Vision

  • Today in India, Some of the Societal Concepts are Creating a big opportunity to serve Indian people in Such a definite manner, So that even a Common man can get healthy food at Very low cost. So We Would like to introduce Ourselves as a producer of Some highly nutrient products that can be eat at anywhere - any time.

  • Our main Vision is to achieve the Complete "Right-to-Eat G anywhere - anytime" vision through Some of Our pioneer Concepts. The fundamental goal is to Create the "Sattvik Food Products" With quality and hygiene in front. Our particular goal is to serve in the "Mid Day Meal" and "Indian Railways" where quality food is must required.

  • Particularly in the "Mid Day Meal", there is a high requirement of proper minerals and Vitamins, so that the future of India can be secured in terms of Children. But the record shows that there is high level of adulteration and mixing of Some of the dangerous chemicals in "Mid Day Meals", that not only Creating huge Corruption but also damaging the future borner of India because of Unsafe food.

  • Under the roof of "Mad", We are just Coming With Some boiled and ready to Cook Cereals like Boiled Sweet Corn, Boiled Chana, Boiled Mung and many more With Some fine Indian Desserts With prolonged shelf life, which are processed naturally and Will give all the required healthy nutrients to Our body.